Edo State PDP, wishes to welcome the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Edo State PDP, wishes to welcome the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to Edo State, on his working visit.

Mr President, we want to use this opportunity to remind you that about 2 years ago, just before the inauguration of the present state administration, you paid a visit to Edo state. In the course of your visit, the then Governor , Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomole invited you to commission the so-called “5star hospital” built and purportedly equipped by his administration.

It may interest you to know that since your visit in 2016, the “5star hospital” has neither recorded any out-patient, nor admitted any in-patient. Today, the building hosts rodents and reptiles.

It is now obvious that Governor Adams Oshiomole cleverly executed the project as a scam to defraud the state and deny the people access to good health facilities. Our concern over this despicable act, Mr. President, is not just that billions of taxpayers’ money was sunk into this phoney project, but you were persuaded to commission a non existent hospital that makes it look like you were party to the deceit and fraud.

While Edo people are now used to the fact that Adams can do anything to deceive the people to enrich himself, we are embarrassed at the attempt to use your person to commission a building that has only served as a center for internally displaced reptiles in Benin City.

Finally, Mr. President, as we welcome you to Edo State, we urge you to pay a second visit to the central Hospital to enable you appreciate the disappointment of the people over this central Hospital scandal of fraud and deceit. We call on you to use your office to direct relevant government agencies to commence immediate investigation and necessary action to bring the principal actors to book.

Kindly prevail on Edo State government to avail Edo people the dividends of democracy, particularly in the health sector.


Chairman, Edo State PDP


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